Directed by Nancy Stark Smith (dance), Mike Vargas (music),
with Brandin Steffensen and other co-researchers

May 9-11, 2014

You are invited to step into a living world—somewhere between a 3-D moving art installation, a visit to the zoo, and your living room.

After a 5-day retreat in rural Pennsylvania and an additional 4-day immersion in NYC, a group of dancers (listed below) and musician Mike Vargas will share the results of their research in two performance/installations and a lecture/performance/experience. Researchers will create live improvised movement compositions based on their investigation of the multi-phase dance improvisation structure called the Underscore. There will also be a Community Underscore, open to those who have attended an orientation and have some experience with movement and contact improvisation.

Glimpse 1 happened in Dec 2012 in California and almost immediately, some participants began conceiving of the next one. The vision is that Glimpse will continue in different locations with different dancers committed to exploring dance improvisation and contact improvisation through the lens of the Underscore with the retreat, residency, performance, Community Underscore model.

The below events are held at: 
92nd Street Y, Buttenwieser Hall, Harkness Dance Center, 1395 Lexington Avenue (92nd St), New York, NY
Performance Installations:
Friday, May 9, 2014, 12 pm. Fridays at Noon Series. tickets  Facebook
Saturday, May 10, 2014, 3 pm.  tickets  Facebook
Edward Henkel's MovementTalks:
Unpacking the Underscore - A First-Hand Glimpse of an Ongoing Dance Practice

Friday, May 9, 2014, 8 pm.  tickets  Facebook
Community Underscore:
Sunday, May 11, 2014, 1:30-5:30 pm. register  Facebook
Must attend a "talk-through" to participate: 12 pm Sunday, May 11. (Just show up). Facebook

Contact: Brandin Steffensen email

Jun Akiyama (Boulder, CO USA)
Jennifer Chien (San Francisco, CA USA)
Anne Cooper (Vancouver, BC Canada)
Patrick Crowley (Florence, MA USA)
Chisa Hidaka (New York City, NY USA)
Nancy Hughes (Buffalo, NY USA)
Elise Knudson (New York City, NY USA)
Jen Polins (Northampton, MA USA)
Nancy Stark Smith (Florence, MA USA)
Brandin Steffensen (New York City, NY USA)
Ronja Ver (San Francisco, CA USA)
Yeong Wen Lee (Singapore, Singapore)
Sarah Young (Plainfield, MA USA)




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