with Nancy Stark Smith 
January Workshop: January 7 - 26, 2018

Long Dance: January 31 - February 21, 2018

Please email us now if possibly interested in the Long Dance
Registration for January Workshop 2018 and Long Dance 2018 begins at end of May 1 2017.

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Dear dancers, movers, and CI lovers, 

After teaching the 3-week January Workshop 2016, Nancy expressed a desire for having more time to develop the work with the same group. This sentiment was felt by many of the participants, who also wanted to develop things further and to keep working long days in a focused manner. We desired a container and a group with a common vocabulary from which to work.

So the seed was planted to do a "continuing" January Workshop and develop the "Long Dance,” an extension to the January Workshop, combining Nancy’s work and self-guided research. Through the Long Dance project, we hope to develop material that can nourish and grow our personal artistic practice and support the continuous process of redefining and shaping what CI and improvisational practice is for us. We can also work on performances that we take from there to other places.

In order to eligible for the "continuing" January Workshop, participants must have completed an intensive with Nancy previous to the workshop. Participants can take the January Workshop by itself and not do the "Long Dance" extension. All dancers interested in the Long Dance extension must do the January Workshop.

The details are below!

Feel free to share this information with others who you think might be interested and who have already worked with Nancy, or that might work with her before 2018.


First phase: January Workshop Intensive
January 7–26, 2018 

Earthdance, western Massachusetts, MA, USA  www.earthdance.net
accommodation and food: provided by Earthdance
Nancy will be teaching full days for three weeks, except on weekends, with Mike Vargas and other guests.

In this phase we will refresh a lot of the material from Nancy’s intensives and go deeper into it. This will not be an ordinary January Intensive as we will be a group of people who have already been exposed to the practices and perspectives of Nancy and Mike’s work—i.e., people who have participated in other intensive workshops with them (anywhere in the world). The intensive will focus on Contact Improvisation, solo training, Changing States, composition, performance, improvisation scores, and the Underscore. In additional, this January Workshop will lay the foundations for the continuing research. It will be the beginning stage of the larger picture. Though one is able to do just the January Workshop and not do the Long Dance extension.

Second phase: Self-directed Research
January 31–February 21, 2018

Dragon’s Egg Studio
Ledyard, Connecticut USA  www.dragonseggstudio.org

Only people in the January Workshop 2018 are eligible to do the Long Dance self-directed research phase.

We will live together and cook for ourselves at or near the studio. We will be located near Mystic, CT, which is less than 3 hours by train to New York City. 

Nancy will come for 4-5 days to work with us.

There will be time as a group to integrate and digest the work done with Nancy and others in the previous weeks. One of our main objectives for this phase is to cooperatively create a supportive structure that will enable us to continue a focused practice to develop the material further and make it our own. How does the material apply to our present concerns, personal research, creativity, and communities?

Time for personal projects, in groups or solo. Also creating space to connect CI with other practices that are important to you. Creating a deep playground to support each other’s experiments.

Having jams, performance, and sharing nights.

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The 4 days in between January Workshop and the Long Dance are for transitioning from one place to another, resting, and having time to do whatever you want. The housing near Dragon’s Egg studio (for Phase 2) will be available during the transition time.

Costs: (USD - these costs are approximate)

$1793 January Workshop
$1467-$1707 Long Dance Extension
$200  extra costs (travel, special dinner, etc.)
$3460-$3700 per person

We will try to get some support maybe through a crowdfunding campaign to try to reduce the cost.

Your response:

In addition to general interest and availability in both the "continuing" January Workshop and the Long Dance extension, we are also curious to know which subjects (Nancy called them “pods”) would be important for you to deepen with Nancy as well as in the self organized time. Thank you for responding.

This January Workshop 2018 is open for people who have already done an intensive with Nancy or are planning to do one before January 2018. The Long Dance extension is open to people who are in January Workshop 2018.

Please send your inquiry to us at: 

hieroglyphs Nancy Stark Smith